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Tonkawa Sunset

Tonkawa Sunset - Synopsis

This writing is a fictional narration of events based on factual happenings that occurred on the Texas western frontier of 1860's America. Of John Steadman, who left Texas to fight for the Confederate cause with General Robert E Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, during the Civil War. Of Alin, his wife, who remained behind on their frontier homestead, to be taken by a raiding Comanche warrior band, causing her husband, on returning, a long disheartening search. Of Nathan, the son of an English father and Indian mother, a defending leader of his mother's tribe.

Though foremost, this is a story of a Texas Indian Tribe that allied themselves with the white settlers against brutal, blood lust Comanches, in an attempt to secure for the frontier and their tribe, the Tonkawas, a lasting peace.

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